How To Replace The Annoying Apple Lightning Cord

CeHJGkyWwAAXoGaIt is a truth universally acknowledged by each and every user of an Apple device that the worst chargers in the world are those that come with your iPhone/iPad/iPod. Apple product users are forced to spend an average of $20 every month for a new cord. The lightning to USB cable that Apple ships with their product is so bad that it has received an average rating of 1 star in the Apple’s website. So if you feel that your cable performs miserably then you are not alone.

The main problem that users of the cable face is the poor durability of the cable. Its average life is a mere five to twelve weeks and it fails working all of a sudden. Very rarely does the cable work up to even six months, but most users complain that by that time even if the cable is working it gets frayed so much that they are afraid to use it.

So it is mandatory for all Apple users to have a better option as replacement for the cable. There are so many cheap rip-off cables flooding the market that cause more damage than help you. So it is essential that you buy only the standard third party cables. You can get high quality third party cables at one of the leading marketplaces online for quality mobile accessories.

Instead of wiggling, pulling and positioning your mobile at the exact position to make it charge, we offer you some tips to prolong the life of your Apple Lightning Cord.

Get your Cord Replaced by Apple
If your iPhone is under warranty, then your cord is also under warranty and you can have it easily replaced for a brand new cord at the Genius Bar. Make an appointment ahead of time and specify that you are looking for a replacement. The Apple store employees are well aware of the complaints and the poor quality of the cord so they are more than willing to help you out. However if your Apple device is not covered under warranty then you cannot make use of this option.

Buy a Certified Third Party Cable
Apple offers a certification called as “MFi” which means “Made for iPhone/iPod/iPad”. Any device with the MFi logo means that it has been specifically certified by Apple and makes products at the exact specifications for Apple. So you can trust products with the MFi certification. To prevent damages to your device, look out for the MFi certification when you buy a lightning cord from any third party manufacturer.

There are several third party cords in the market that offer a range of features that are not able with the Apple Lightning Cord. Some of these features are: extra length, braiding of the cable, custom colors and so on.

Buy a cord at Radio Shack
If you are wondering about the existence of Radio Shacks, we can assure that they still exist. And they even have the best insurance for your product. When you buy a cord here you can buy an insurance plan for an extra $1.99. When you buy this insurance, you can get a replacement for your cord if it breaks or fails within the insurance period. This offer is not available online and you have to buy your cord from a physical store.

Get rid of your annoying Apple Lightning Cable with one of these options.